Ebenezer maids cleaning services




We offer the following services:

Commercial Cleaning

  1. Office cleaning
  2. School cleaning
  3. Nursery/day school cleaning
  4. Factory cleaning
  5. Dental practices / Doctors surgery cleaning
  6. Car showroom cleaning
  7.  Mall / shopping centre cleaning

Residential Cleaning

-We clean from Appartments to Homes at an affordable prices

Hire a Maid 4 a Day Services

This is a char service where you hire a Maid 4 a day no strings are attached , you call ,we deliver and collect afterwards

Pre Occupational Cleaning

- We clean for you before you occupy the premises and make them neat and lovely

Post occupational cleaning

- We clean for you when you vacate the premises you where renting , or your premises you want to sell so that the next occupant finds it nice and appealing

Spring cleaning

- Cleaning of all corners of the houses and all forgotten places

Carpet cleaning

-Washing and deep cleaning of carpets

Maids Placement and Training

- Training and placing of Maids, checking their backgrounds and making them ready to be placed

Garden services and Rubble removal

-Tending for your plants and taking care of your garden , including rubble removal

gallery/cleaning dish